Everything has some type of significance. The miracles, coincidences, signs don’t happen by accident. With your thoughts & emotions, you’re creating as you go. The strong intuition you may think you have just might be you creating that outcome. You can achieve anything that you want but your prior perceived limitations, expectations and negative thoughts/emotions have become your hinderance. 

Clearing it all out is important in seeing the results with your new state of mind. You have take it back to the simplest form to live with your growth and the growth of others.

Previous experiences are there for a reason, to help you navigate and provide caution. However ultimately the negative emotions related to the past need to be let go to set yourself free.

Let go of the negative expectations that came into fruition and know that the world is also growing with you. You are not the same person you were years ago, so don’t expect that from others as well. It takes time but you can work to get out of the emotional fog.

With letting go you can truly celebrate and reap the benefits of your growth and the growth of others.

PS – Karma is not only the results of actions coming back to you, it’s also your own decision of your fate through supposed intuition, prejudice and expectations, whether you think about something good happening to you or bad.

I’ve had things go downhill from just one instance of thinking negatively about the situation whether it pertaining to love, success, you have to be careful.


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