How To Afford To Never Wear The Same Thing Twice

How To Afford To Never Wear The Same Thing Twice

When you attend events & parties as much as I do (and did), you gotta have something awesome to wear each time. With cameras there to document every event, sometimes you don’t want to recycle outfits too often. This can seem impossible especially since most of us don’t have a stylist to fly in the latest garments on trend or a big budget. Here are a few ways I am able to wear & afford super cute stuff after paying rent, car note, internet…

1. Shop Local Re-Sale Stores

Thrifting has become such a huge deal, especially in the Los Angeles area, for the past decade. Sometimes the mall doesn’t have the funkiest styles and patterns. And, even if they do, suddenly everyone has the same garment or it’s way out of budget. This is why I love places like Crossroads Trading Co and Buffalo Exchange. Now if you live in a city where these infamous re-sale stores aren’t present, research local ones in your area. I can’t necessarily afford all of the Asos, TopShop, Zara & Nasty Gal that I have. But I have a ton of their stuff because the little rich girls from over the hill come and drop their gently used (and sometimes brand new) clothes off and they’re resold for under $20.



2. Buy Cheap

Los Angeles is crawling with little Korean owned fashion stores that are on trend but ridiculously cheap. No one can tell that the lace up dress you have on isn’t from Nasty Gal? If you have a party tonight, why spend $50 on a dress you can’t wear again when you can spend $12 and once more before you decide to throw it in the back of the closet. MayMax Fashion and Fashion Q sell some of the same clothes as the larger retailers but for discounted prices. If you don’t live in the Los Angeles area, Charlotte Russe, Forever 21, and Love Culture are basically the nationwide version of these stores. Their prices are a little higher because they have a bigger brand but they’re still cheap. The quality may not be the best, but you don’t need it to last forever.


3. Mix & Match

I have a ton of crop tops, leggings, duster coats, midi skirts…all in one solid color. Each time you mix and match pieces, it’s a new outfit. You can recycle the same piece a million times over if you’re creative. Maybe you have a different top this time, with different lipstick and hair. Nobody is going to say, “She is always wearing that black skirt”. Not if you can mix it up a little each time. I love to buy basics for this reason. Take advantage of the fact that basics are in. Switch it up!

Hopefully those tips are helpful to someone who wants to have more choices or not wear the same outfit too often when it comes to going out. Let me know if this has helped & comment below.


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