PRINCE 777 on 21

Prince passed almost a week ago. I contemplated the possibility of that happening a few days prior but hoped he was okay. I still wanted to have the chance to see him perform. As selfish as that sounds. I just wanted to be able to see just one show from a legend. However, 6 days ago, I see the posts coming in about a death investigation at Paisley Park. Then a few articles popped saying that it was Prince who passed. I didn’t want to believe it but…people pass. It happens to all of us. Everyone is still mourning and Prince fans are coming out of the woodworks. In some way he touched all of us but this is how he touched me…*not literally*.


Back in junior high I became obsessed with all things from the 80’s. Yes in 2006, I was living as if I was a teenage girl in 1984. I had the biggest crush on Michael Jackson, well of what he used to be. I was Madonna for halloween, even though everyone thought I was Whitney Houston. And Prince was my guilty pleasure. Just imagine me at 12 or 13 listening to songs like Head, Erotic City or Get Off. I just remember there was something so fresh about Prince. The first time I heard the simple baseline of Erotic City. My gawd. It was something free about his sexuality. As the times change, I feel what he was saying when he said, “I’m not a woman…I’m not a man…I am something that you’ll never understand”. I feel the same way right now. I believe he left on the dawn of a new age, whether you believe in that or not.

*I actually just found my old mp3 player that I haven’t used in years until I realized my Prince collection is on it. This helps me to write even more.*


Prince opened so much up to me. Music definitely influences life. Himself, Vanity/Apollonia 6, Wendy & Lisa, The Time, Sheila E…many more gave me so much life. They all had this sexiness about them. They always had a music with a message that was fluid, fun and mortal but at the same time immortal. One thing that I loved about Prince is that his personal life wasn’t everywhere and out there. He was there and he was gone. I can’t begin to get into the music, it’s so much. So so so much.


My favorite Prince proteges…


You can tell the 80s was my favorite…





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