Azealia Banks & The Fake Pro-Black and Conscious

NYC native, twitter beefing, slick talking rapper Azealia Banks, so-called pro-black conscious has outed herself as a skin bleacher. Even going so far to praise other celebrities for their skin bleaching results. I wish she would have a seat and learn to love herself. Rocking a Brazilian is one thing but going so far to rid yourself of melanin is extreme. VERY extreme from a woman who claims to fight for the self love of black girls. Always calling out somebody on her twitter page for this or that. The self hate is real. But, do you boo.


Two things I can’t really stand, the fake conscious and phony pro-black. I can live and let live but the hypocrisy makes me gag. How can you try to convince the world to love us when you don’t love us? Most importantly of all, try to pose as a figure that supports the black girls in the world when you constantly praise white men over other races and want to get rid of your own black essence? Really? It would be different if she wasn’t so ready to hop on everyone else for everything from cultural appropriation to black lives matter. Karma. Karma for always attacking people. Now everyone sees the source, self hate.


Homegirl, bleach away. What you do is your business. Throw your shade at Beyonce for not “representing” women properly and portraying black women as victims but in the same tone blame the world for your own self-hate. We’re all grown and as black women we have all been there. We’ve seen the long silky hair and fair skin put on pedestal before us and some of us made it through. You did not, clearly. You are not a soldier. You are not for us. Good luck on your road to being the next Lil Kim.


Whoa…looking good girl. Yikes.


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