Funny How Time Flies… 

It is almost a month into the new year. Time is flying by so fast right now and all of the days are merging together. Is this what it’s like to get older? Time surely does fly! 
The other day was my 2nd year anniversary of my move to Los Angeles. To think that only a year ago my only responsibility was paying my phone bill is crazy. Now I have to pay rent, utilities, buy groceries, cook, drive, take care of my car, pay other bills… My have times changed for me. I am an adult now and I don’t know how to feel about it. 
I’m happy that I can be independent however I am working my ass off. My biggest thing for the new year is to monetize my talents to the point where work doesn’t feel like work at all. That’s what I really need to do. With two jobs, interior designer and the other, sales associate, I’m not exactly getting anywhere. But on the creative and personal fronts, I’m getting some opportunities. I’m meeting people and they want little old me to be apart of their projects and circles. I’m flattered, really. I can’t wait. Even though right now I am a struggling 21 year old surviving in Los Angeles on her own…soon I’ll be a fabulous young creative excelling. I just know it!

As far as dating, I’m not doing too much of that these days. Not a soul is in the picture and it feels pretty good. Besides the night time loneliness, I can deal. I like how I don’t have to worry about secret girlfriends, whether or not he’s hitting me up or even interested. I don’t like giving that type of control over my heart and emotions. I just don’t like it. Don’t get me wrong, I think about a few people but I’ll let those emotions fade into oblivion. 

I’ll use my time and energy focusing on the advancement of Alexandria. No situation or relationship is worth not focusing on getting somewhere in life. Someone can take their love away anytime but my accomplishments will always be with me.

“A woman’s greatest challenge is loving herself more than the idea of being with someone else… ” Alexandriiah


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