Lashing Out: Goals

Ah, being a woman is crazy. Our needs and our wants change a million times a day. I need this right, I want this long, I need this short. It’s never-ending. Social media like Pinterest and Instagram don’t help either. 

My newest obsession’s are brows and lashes. I never knew how detrimental they were to your look until last year. I look back at my old pictures and cringe at my eyebrows. You know what, I can look back to two weeks ago and cringe because it’s a work in progress. But I groom my brows now and wear my little falsies and feel just a bit more fabulous. BUT there’s levels to this shit. I need to be on this level:


Yes GAWD. In due time. In due time….


2 thoughts on “Lashing Out: Goals

  1. lmbo yeah all of those are on point. You would literally die if you saw mine – just horrible. Yes ma’am. I had a friend tell me that she was going to do everything in her power to fix them lol but then we stopped hanging out so it was a lost cause!


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