Wig Time (Making A Upart)

Well this morning I woke up sick as a dog and missed work. I decided I’d be a little productive today by making myself another wig unit. I used hair sent to me by Longqi Hair & it’s pretty. I just haven’t curled it yet. I might make a tutorial on how I make my units.



Special thanks to Longqi Hair for sponsoring this look. Link: Longqi Hair on Aliexpress


2 thoughts on “Wig Time (Making A Upart)

  1. I’m about to try and hookup a wig for the first time this week. I’ve been watching all of these youtube videos about how to use concealer to widen the look of the part…to use this edge control for the edges, pulling the wig back a little…bla bla. I think I’m ready lol


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