2015 Edgy Summer Hair Ideas

Summer is quickly approaching and it’s time to get rid of the old do. There are plenty of ways to change your look when it comes to hair. You can add some hair, cut it, color it, braid it…the possibilities are endless. Here are some cute summer hair ideas we found on Pinterest:


A few years ago it seemed every girl was getting the ombré hair color. This trend still hasn’t died down because it’s just so damn fabulous. If you haven’t had ombre it’s definitely a style you should try this summer. Especially if you’re indecisive about hair color or don’t want to damage your hair too much by bleaching from root to end.


Silver Hair

Who knew gray hair could be some damn chic? Create an entirely unique look by either dying your whole head silver or doing an ombre look. Look how these girls rock it.


Blonde Pixie

There’s something incredibly sexy about platinum short hair. Very low maintenance, yet fabulous. It will definitely transform your look into something totally different. 


Colored Box Braids

Who knew braids could look so fab. It definitely can be an entirely different look for all ethnic groups. It may take 8 hours and hurt like hell afterwards but it’s a great protective style for hair and super low maintenance for summer. You can swim with them, party, do anything without having a bad hair day. 



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