Girl Girls Guide To Being A Playa

You’re young, single and indecisive. You’re not exactly looking for a man but don’t mind having friends. Live your life girl! Letting people into your life can be good and bad. You may be able to go to and see places you never could before. Or, you may run into someone who isn’t that stable and a little possessive. Regardless, have your fun. Here is the Girl Girls Guide To Being A Playa…

“Ladies is pimps too, go on brush your shoulders off…” – Jay Z

First you have to give some people a chance. When you go out and happen to meet a new person give them a chance. He may not be that attractive or have a weird sense of humor but everyone has something to offer. If you meet a guy with the Screen Writers Guild and he wants to take you to an awards show, go! It doesn’t have to be a date. Enjoy yourself.


Second, don’t take anything too seriously. You can’t be a playa and also be so serious. Have light hearted fun. Yeah, he’s cute but don’t automatically think you’re meant for each other. You’re all having fun.


Third, keep them at a distance. You’ve had a great night but take things slow. Don’t let everyone into your personal life. You can be the fun girl who always seems like she’s in a good mood. And don’t depreciate your value. You’re the playa, not them!


Fourth, be honest. The best playas are honest. You don’t have to be corny and sleazy by lying like *cough cough* most guys do. Let them know you’re having fun and possibly seeing other people. Most likely that won’t make them go away. Some people see it as a competition and are eager to change your mind. Sometimes only for their ego. Guys typically want to be the apple of your eye. But you’re a playa remember. So you keep it moving.


Fifth, be safe. Not every man can handle a female doing her own thing. When you’re a playa you’ll have to deal melodramatics, possessiveness and unfortunately disrespect. Melodramatics as in him feeling insecure because you don’t seem that into him. He’ll probably say things like, “you don’t seem to like me that much”, “I always text first” and “I know there are other guys you talk to. But I really like you”. Ah, it’s hard being a playa. Especially when they’re possessive. He has to have his hands on you in public to show that you’re “his” when you really aren’t. Or really gets upset at the realization that you’re just having fun. But it’s funny because these are typically the guys who don’t want a relationship either but just want to be territorial. Then you have to deal with their ego and their mood swings. They all of a sudden are disrespectful and passive aggressive because this great girl isn’t head over heels for him and stroking his ego. Oh well, that’s life. Be careful and try not to play with people’s emotions. We don’t want to end up on fatal attractions, do we?.

So there it is, how to be a playa! You don’t have to lie and you don’t have to cheat. Explore your options and see where life takes you. But also be careful because men’s egos are involved. That can be pretty dangerous. Get it girl!





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