“I Want To Hear It”: Love Affirmations

I personally believe that you can speak things into existence. Now it may not always be immediate or as you pictured it but things surely seem to come. These are some love affirmations that I have written for the fun of it.

Say it: My man loves me, wants the best for me and takes care of me. He is consistent, true to his word and trustworthy. I love him and he loves me dearly.

“You’re so beautiful. Your eyes, lips, smile, hair, skin, body. You’re everything that I could ask for.”

-He never hesitates to give me compliments. He makes me feel so beautiful and confident. It’s nice to know that he is so attracted to me.

“I love that you’re so smart and intellectual. You communicate articulately and interest me.”

-He is smart. He looks to me as his equal. We can have deep intelligent conversations where we almost always agree. He tells me that I’m very smart. We like learning new things together.

“You’re hilarious. You always know how to make me laugh.”

-I am a clown and I love to make him laugh. Anything to make his day better.

“I love the sound of your voice. Your laugh is adorable. I especially love the way you moan in my ear.”

-He says he just likes to hear me speak. He laughs when I laughs. He especially likes my moans when we are intimate.

“You’re so sexy. I’m always turned on when I look at you.”

-He’s never turned off by me. He’s always ready to make love to me. We have a strong physical attraction to eachother.

“I want you to be my wife. The mother of my children.”

-He sees a future with me and desperately wants it. He wants to give me his last name. He wants to create a unit. He wants me to create children who will carry on his lineage.

“I never want to hurt you. I want to make you happy always.”

-He is very mindful of how he makes me feel. He wants me to be happy not sad, insecure, jealous or frustrated.

“I’m sorry that I keep calling. I just like to hear your voice.”

-He constantly calls my phone or texts me. He is consistent. Communication is key.

“Good morning baby, I love you. Good night, hope you sleep well.”

-He always wants the last word. He is eager to be the first and last person I talk to.

“I love you. I really do.”

-He doesn’t go a day without letting me know he loves me and cares for me.

Hey, sometimes we say we want a good man but you have to let the universe/god know exactly what you want. What is a good man? What does he do? What does he say? Hope you liked my love affirmations. They may be silly to some but sometimes they have worked. Enjoy your day and thank you for reading!




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